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Palm oil production and consumption can be associated with negative impacts such as deforestation, exploitation and land grabbing.

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Let’s build sustainable palm oil value chains. Together we can!

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you can help by buying products containing sustainable palm oil or supporting investments in the field.

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We unite a group of companies and organisations who are convinced that palm oil can play a positive role in society when produced sustainably. We are committed to either use, produce or support the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil and inspire others to do the same.

How can we help save the rainforest?

Will buying palm oil-free products help save the rainforest? Marieke Leegwater, program manager of Solidaridad and the Sustainable Palm Oil Choice, often receives this question from colleagues, friends and students. In this blog post, she explains how to save rainforests from the effects of poorly produced palm oil and points out three simple things you can do right away.

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For food producers

Palm oil can be produced sustainably. Choosing sustainable palm oil in Europe will help protect rainforests, safeguard their vulnerable biodiversity, and create fair socio-economic conditions in the global palm oil supply chain.

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For policy makers

Choosing sustainable palm oil will help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular to life on land (SDG 15); decent work and economic growth (SDG 8); and zero hunger (SDG 2).

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